Lawrence Welk – Wah Watusi

A hilariously mis-guided version of “Wah Watusi” done for Lawrence Welk’s show.

This is important, people!
(Embedding is disabled for this clip, so you’ll have to make with the clicky.)

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I Yet Live

Just now getting back into the studio. July’s release is, well, not in July. I’ll be getting back to work on it with a quickness. That song and an Xmas tune are all I have planned to release this year. As I’ve posted before, I’ll be turning my attention to a game soundtrack. That will wind up as my first album when it’s done, and I have a few more songs in the queue that I could save up for an album or release singly next year. We’ll see how things shake out.

In the meantime, in between time, have a commercial and some Queen.

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Upcoming Project

Over the next year I’ll be trying something rather different: scoring!

Wendi and I are starting work on a visual novel. This is a game form that is popular in Japan which may be likened to a Choose Your Own Adventure book with audio and visual components. Sort of.

In addition to the writing and coding for the game, I’ll be creating the background music as The Spider Bombs. When the game is released, there will be a soundtrack album to accompany it.

I’ll try to still knock out some singles along the way, so don’t think that I’ve abandoned you!

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Cutting back on releases

I’ve been keeping (on average) to a schedule of a new release every two months. It’s been hard, what with a full time job and various commitments and obligations, and sometimes it’s made me let a song go before its time, but it’s been great practice and motivation.

Things have started to happen — good, bad, and bad leading to good — that forced me to reevaluate this schedule. One is a health issue, which I won’t get into here other than to say that everything will be okay; it’s just going to take some time, energy and focused attention to get through it. If it were only that, there’d be a short hiccup in production and things would go back to normal.

It’s the good news that’s going to effect the schedule, and that’s a good thing right?

Wendi and I are going to start working on a new project that will combine my passions for music, story-telling, and programming with hers for art and design to produce an interactive story. It’s too soon to share details but we’re pretty excited about the possibilities.

Anyway, I felt I should make some sort of public statement that the frequency of releases will be going down as a result. The next song is almost done, so there will be the expected June release, but the only other one I’ll guarantee for the year is a song for Xmas… with aliens!

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“The Heaven Hop”

This is an indirect inspiration for June’s release from The Spider Bombs. Muhuwaha!

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Hasil Adkins – “This Ain’t No Rock ‘n Roll Show”

Hasil Adkins was a genius. He liked to play guitar, and he liked to eat chicken, and he managed to do plenty of both no matter what anybody thought of the matter. I love his commitment to doing whatever the hell he wanted to do, and I love his willingness to belt out creepy and upsetting vocals.

Here’s a live clip of “This Ain’t No Rock ‘n Roll Show”, arguably his most disturbing song. I hope you enjoy the chorus laugh as much as I do!

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The Prototypes – “Danse Sur La Merde”

The Prototypes is a French band that I adore for it’s mix of electronica and rock. French rocktronica, I guess. My favorite song from them is “Danse Sur La Merde”, which is a great dance tune about dancing to shit dance tunes. This video is a different mix than the CD, but it’s still got fantastic energy.

View “Danse Sur La Merde” on YouTube

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Teenage Atomic Zombie

The new track is up! Teenage Atomic Zombie is a punk rock look back at growing up as the Cold War died. Listen, enjoy, and share with your friends!

Teenage Atomic Zombie

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Dead Milkmen – “V.F.W.”

Dead Milkmen got me through a lot of teenage confusion. I wrote the words to this one down and accidentally left them in my pocket. My mom found the sheet and put it in my room, never mentioning the incident.

I’ve always wondered if she thought I’d written it…

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Minutemen – “This Ain’t No Picnic”

While I didn’t listen to The Minutemen until my late 30s, they’re pretty much the type of music that got me through the Reagan years. I love these guys, and the busy bass line and shouted refrain are a big part of the attraction.

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