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Cutting back on releases

I’ve been keeping (on average) to a schedule of a new release every two months. It’s been hard, what with a full time job and various commitments and obligations, and sometimes it’s made me let a song go before its … Continue reading

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“The Heaven Hop”

This is an indirect inspiration for June’s release from The Spider Bombs. Muhuwaha!

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Hasil Adkins – “This Ain’t No Rock ‘n Roll Show”

Hasil Adkins was a genius. He liked to play guitar, and he liked to eat chicken, and he managed to do plenty of both no matter what anybody thought of the matter. I love his commitment to doing whatever the … Continue reading

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The Prototypes – “Danse Sur La Merde”

The Prototypes is a French band that I adore for it’s mix of electronica and rock. French rocktronica, I guess. My favorite song from them is “Danse Sur La Merde”, which is a great dance tune about dancing to shit … Continue reading

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