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Recording King Soprano Ukulele

I got a resonator uke to get an early 20th century blues sound. Here I give a quick introduction to resonators and play a bit of “Stagolee” to demonstrate the sound. Correction I state in the video that Recording King … Continue reading

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Pico and Sepulveda: MIND WORM

A long time ago, someone made up a statistic: people only use 10% of their brain. There’s no actual basis for this claim, but the thought burrowed into our minds so it may as well be true. What’s in my … Continue reading

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Godzilla Feet

Apropos of nothing. The following items have been shipped to you by ——————————————————————– Qty Item Price Shipped Subtotal ——————————————————————— items (Sold by, LLC): 1 Toy Vault Godzilla Feet Pl… $XX.xx 1 $XX.xx Shipped via UPS Tracking number: … Continue reading

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Godzilla Safety Dance!

If I had to point to a single inspiration for “The Kaiju”, it would be this clip of Godzilla celebrating a victory. The sheer rubber-suited joy of the moment is a thing of beauty and wonder.

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Elephant Parts – Rodan

Remember Mike Nesmith? Tall guy in The Monkees. Kind of quiet. Well in 1981 he made a sketch movie called Elephant Parts, and as I work on the demo for “The Kaiju” I can’t help but find the following excerpt … Continue reading

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The Phantom Creeps – trailer

The Spider Bombs are not named after tools from a “bug” exterminator’s arsenal, but rather after the most insane mad scientist gimmick ever committed to celluloid — trained, exploding spiders! As Doctor Zorka in the 1939 serial The Phantom Creeps, … Continue reading

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The Kaiju – Demo on the make!

The second song from The Spider Bombs is currently in demo. The lyrics and music for “The Kaiju” have been written, and initial tracks are being prepared to test out the soundness of the arrangement. Current projected post date for … Continue reading

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Ray Milland Lyrics

Ray Milland lyrics © 2008 Sean Frost Who can see through space and time? Serves evil with a twist of lime You can bury him but he’s not dead He’s Rosy Greer’s big, fat, white head Don’t believe that he … Continue reading

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First post, first track!

“Ray Milland”, the debut track from The Spider Bombs, is available for free at Enjoy!

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