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Live Performance – “Nudie Cutie”

I attended B-Fest last weekend, and one of my goals was to catch up with Chad Plambeck and play him the song I wrote at his request. My intention was to play it for him at the hotel some time … Continue reading

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The Heaven Hunch

The Spider Bombs are proud to present “The Heaven Hunch”, a song about the important things in afterlife – dancing and fried chicken. The Heaven Hunch

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Teenage Atomic Zombie

The new track is up! Teenage Atomic Zombie is a punk rock look back at growing up as the Cold War died. Listen, enjoy, and share with your friends! Teenage Atomic Zombie

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“Price of Love” Released!

“Price of Love”, the new single, is available for listening and purchasing! Inspired by the roles of Vincent Price, it sets romance tips to melodic ukulele strumming. Learn! Laugh! Love! Learn about the Price of Love!

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“A Traditional Uke-abilly Xmas” is now available!

“A Traditional Uke-abilly Xmas”, the first EP from The Spider Bombs, is now available to listen to and download! Two traditional Xmas songs performed in ’60s style with ukulele and mandolin – what’s not to love? The first track, “The … Continue reading

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The Kaiju – Remix

The original release of “The Kaiju” was a tragically unbalanced mix. I’ve remixed it; pumping the vocals, bringing the jangly rhythm uke down, and generally making it so that it can be listened to in safety and comfort by most … Continue reading

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The Kaiju

Why waste your time learning to dance like mashed potatoes? That doesn’t even make any sense; they’re mashed, they can’t move under their own volition. Wouldn’t you rather crush cities beneath your monstrous feet as you munch on rail cars? … Continue reading

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Ray Milland Lyrics

Ray Milland lyrics © 2008 Sean Frost Who can see through space and time? Serves evil with a twist of lime You can bury him but he’s not dead He’s Rosy Greer’s big, fat, white head Don’t believe that he … Continue reading

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First post, first track!

“Ray Milland”, the debut track from The Spider Bombs, is available for free at Enjoy!

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