What is The Spider Bombs?
The Spider Bombs is a uke-abilly band of one ukulele-, mandolin-, keyboard- player slash vocalist.

Who would that be?
Sean Frost

Wait… uke-abilly?
Uke-abilly. Ukes feature heavily in the music of The Spider Bombs, so the ‘uke’ part is easy. One of the group’s major influences was the rockabilly movement of the ’50s. A change in technology made it easy for people to pick up guitars and go charging into the music scene. A lot of energy and the occasional bit of talent swept over America in radio waves. Now home computers, software, and web hosts have combined to make it easier than ever to just pick up an instrument and be heard. So, uke-abilly!

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  1. Josh Shepherd says:

    You must venture to Kentucky for the last weekend in August for the Whispering Beard Folk Festival in Morning View. Among the groups performing was Tonky Wonk, basically one-woman folk band with songs about how there is crap in corporate food production. But she performed using a variety of ukes and mandolins.

    In fact there were many an instrument on display for the entire weekend.

    Plus camping and lake swimming!! Or, you can do what I do, which is drive to my house each night and crash on a comfy bed, then get up and go back the next day.

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