It’s Like I’m Legit!

“Rochambeau” is now available through Amazon and iTunes for download, and should be appearing in Spotify and several other sources for fine music.

The Spider Bombs are in your music markets, punking up the joint!

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New Song – “Rochambeau”

Ever feel like voting is a choice between being punched in the face and kicked in the squishy bits? The latter choice is the basis of my latest song. It’s a punk outcry against the more outrageous policy statements made by representatives of the right this year.

And it’s all on shockingly angry ukulele!

Listen to Rochambeau!

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Nudie Cutie released!

It’s released!

“Nudie Cutie” is the latest track from The Spider Bombs. It’s a rockin’ homage to “Kiss Me, Quick”, filled with cars, monsters, and dancing girls!

Give it a spin!

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Wrapping up “Nudie Cutie”

I’ve finished recording “Nudie Cutie” and have started mixing it. The track art has already been started. All in all, it’s looking great for an August release!

Then I start on a the Xmas tune I wanted to do last year. 🙂

Anyway, because I’m excited here’s the current state of the mix. Enjoy!

Nudie Cutie — rough mix

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Key of Forgotten Chords

I’m working on adding a mandolin line to “Nudie Cutie”. When I went to work on the chorus, I couldn’t remember what key it was in. I’d written down the tab notation, but not the actual notes or key. The two chords used in the chorus didn’t make any sense to me (although they sound really nice).

After an hour of poking around music theory sites, I finally identified them as Fadd9 and Gadd9, making the key (roughly) C. That makes sense since the verses are in G. In fact the transition from verse to chorus goes from G to Aadd9 to Gadd9, using the A to introduce the shift to 9ths.

Pretty clever for not knowing what the heck I was doing.

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Live Performance – “Nudie Cutie”

I attended B-Fest last weekend, and one of my goals was to catch up with Chad Plambeck and play him the song I wrote at his request. My intention was to play it for him at the hotel some time before the festival, but that didn’t work out. Knowing I probably wouldn’t have another shot, I went ahead with my first ever live performance in the presence of some 250 other movie geeks who were all energized after the first few movies. I knew I’d flub lines and get off rhythm with the chords, but I didn’t expect the biggest problem to be fighting back laughter.

Here’s an excerpt, filmed by Mike Bockoven.

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New Direction

I’ve come to realize something. I’ve been making music for a few years now, and I still can’t actually play a single song! I typically compose a song in Logic, practice a phrase, record, practice another phrase, record, etc. And I can’t play one straight through.

That changes now.

Unless it’s an electronic song (a few of which are lurking up my sleeves) I’m learning it first, then recording a “live” version. Sometime later, if get the urge, I’ll arrange for multiple instruments and record another version.

This way I’ll actually build up a song book and not just look embarrassed when asked to play something. I’m also confident that my skills (playing and singing) will improve. 🙂

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Candleshoe – Trailer

Apropos of nothing, this was my favorite Disney movie as a kid. I’ve always been the right age for Jodie Foster movies.

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Steve Vai – “Little Green Men”

Working on my next song, and I had to share something that was recommended to me as research. Please enjoy Steve Vai’s ode to space aliens, “Little Green Men”.

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The Heaven Hunch

The Spider Bombs are proud to present “The Heaven Hunch”, a song about the important things in afterlife – dancing and fried chicken.

The Heaven Hunch

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